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Perfect for any type of video site! This full CMS comes with posts, pages, themes, and plugins. You can easily integrate Stripe to accept payments for premium videos and content. Read on to learn more...

What's it all about?

What is HelloVideo?

HelloVideo is a premium PHP script that you install on your server. You can customize your video portal and add unlimited videos, posts, and pages.

You can choose to make videos available for free or only to your subscribers. That’s right, you can have subscribers who pay you MONEY $$$ to watch your videos!

Learn More about how this works below...

Accept Payments!

Hello Video integrates seamlessly with Stripe. Allowing you to accept re-curring payments from your subscribers.

It’s so easy to setup! Create a Stripe Account, Add your stripe credentials to your HelloVideo admin and you are ready to accept payments!

Decide how much to charge your subscribers. $19/month? $9/month? This script will pay for itself in no time.

HelloVideo Features

Add Unlimited Videos

You can add unlimited Youtube, Vimeo, and any other video embed to your site. You can also choose to add your .MP4 and other media files and use the HelloVideo Built-in player to display your video.

Add Posts & Pages

HelloVideo is also a CMS where you can add Posts and Pages to your site. You can also choose to make any post private and available to only your subscribers. This will encourage people to signup to your exclusive content!

Categories & Menus

Organize all of your content into categories & menus to help your users find the content they're looking for. With our drag and drop category and menu builder you can build custom menus to be added into any theme :)

Stats & Analytics

View live stats and analytics about the users and subscribers on your site. You can easily integrate your Google Analytics account into HelloVideo to find out how to best maximize your content views and website.

Accept Payments!

HelloVideo seamlessly integrates with Stripe to allow you to easily accept re-curring payments from your users. Get a monthly revenue stream for offering premium content to your users. It's ridiculously easy to setup!

And So Much More

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