How to Get Backlinks for your Keyword

Find out how we get backlinks to our website for the keywords we want

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Gaining Backlinks to your site is very important. You want to rank for a specific keyword such as 'Video CMS', you will have to provide a bunch of links back to your site for the keyword 'Video CMS'.

How would you go about doing this? You could write a bunch of posts about Video CMS and ask people to link to them, or you could create a simple post and search the internet for people who are looking for a Video CMS and provide the link back to your post.

Just as a quick example. We wanted to rank high for the keyword Video CMS so we wrote this post here:

Then we answered a few questions around the internet for people who are interested in Video CMS's. Here are the links to those sites linking back to us:

As of today we have not ranked high for the keyword Video CMS, but after all these strategies and practices we are going to climb higher and higher to becoming on the first page of google for Video CMS. And depending on the time of reading this article we may already be there. Check it out here:

Also read more on this article about how to get High Quality Backlinks from Backlinko. Oh and checkout our comment on that post linking back to this article :)

It's all a circle, so start building those links :)