The Power of Split Testing

Find out how powerful it can be to run split tests in your sales funnel.

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There are so many factors to making your product a success and getting it out to the right people. Even the best product with crappy marketing will fail; however, a crappy product with excellent marketing can still succeed.

Now, I’m not condoning anyone release a mediocre product, and in fact I would strong advise against it, but the fact is that if you have a great product and your marketing is lacking, then no one is going to be able to see how great of a product you really have.

If there’s one thing in marketing that you must do with your product and your product funnel, it would be to do some split testing. Doing a simple A/B split test on your product funnel can make you 3 times, 4 times, or more revenue the following year.

It’s not difficult to run split tests on your site. In fact you can use Google Analytics to run a few simple A/B split tests. Checkout this article here on 7 awesome split testing tools.

The power of split testing can come down to your business/product succeeding and failing. If you are unfamiliar with what split testing is, the concept is very simple. Here is a simple example of an A/B split test.

You show one version of your website homepage to the first visitor of your site, then you show a second version of your homepage to the second user. You keep on switching back and forth between each of these homepages and eventually you will find out which one is working better for converting sales.

It’s not much more difficult than that. So get out there, get split testing, and learn how to optimize your sales funnel for maximum revenue :)

Checkout a quick example of an A/B split test we’re running here: