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What is a Video CMS and why does HelloVideo stand out above the rest.

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A content management system, or a CMS, is a web application that’s designed to make it easy for any non-technical user to add, edit and manage a website.

Alternatively a Video Content Management System, or a Video CMS, is a web app designed for any non-technical user to create their own video website and video subscription platform. A video CMS focuses more on video than on posts; however, the great thing about a Video CMS is that it also includes pages and posts similar to many popular content management systems available today.

One of the most popular Content Management Systems available today is WordPress. Wordpress is a great solution for creating a blog, creating an announcement website, and creating any other kind of website you can dream of. The problem with Wordpress is that it tries to accomplish too much, which in return can make your codebase and your website very bulky and cumbersome.

HelloVideo is one of the best Video CMS’s available today. With HelloVideo anyone can create a video membership site where users can charge a small monthly fee for their subscribers to access exclusive content. HelloVideo allows the user to easily add videos, posts, and pages. Any of the content added can be made available for free or only to their subscribers.

Be sure to learn more about HelloVideo by visiting the Homepage or visiting the detailed breakdown on the About HelloVideo post. 

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing all the great video sites you will create.