Wordpress vs Hellovideo

What are the advantages of using Hellovideo over Wordpress

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Wordpress is definitely great for so many things such as creating a blog, creating your band website, creating your school website, or creating any kind of site where you need to easily add content.

But, let’s say you wanted to create a video membership site with Wordpress. Well, you could always find a nice theme and then install a user management plugin. Then you’ll need to find a membership plugin and don’t forget you’ll probably need to integrate the membership plugin to the theme that you have chosen. Oh yeah! You’ll want to install a plugin to integrate Google Analytics, perhaps a plugin so your users can like each video, and another plugin for [insert plugin use here]...

Man! That’s a lot of plugins you are going to use and a lot of integration you’ll have to tie together. With all of the plugins and themes hacked together your user experience is going to suffer. Your site is going to seem inconsistent and buggy. Your ability to gain new subscribers is going to be tough since your site is held together with yarn and bubble gum. That’s the way your users are going to feel when navigating and accessing different parts of your site.

On to the good news:

We have built HelloVideo specifically to serve as a Video Subscription Platform. HelloVideo is built using the solid Laravel 5 framework and has themes and functionality built specifically for your video membership site. HelloVideo is written with clean code and a solid foundation. Users of your video website will have a consistent feeling throughout the site, from updating their credit card info, editing their profile, and liking their favorite content.

It should be a no brainer that if you want to create a successful video site or a video membership site you’ll want to use our the HelloVideo CMS instead of Wordpress.

Be sure to checkout the full features of HelloVideo by visiting the About HelloVideo post. Additionally be sure to click the view demo above to check out our live demo!